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Da Da Da-Dum!

In Housedress Heaven Vol. 2
Go Cocks!!!!

I was completely, ecstatically, uberly excited to attend the wedding of my friends Trisha and Patrick.  Of course, I needed something to wear.  I decided on the hot little number below.  

Da Da Da-Dum! 2
you can tell I'm just diggin that collar.


Unfortunately, in its natural state, it was anything BUT what I needed to wear for a wedding on a hot summer day.  Time to do some hacking.  

First off, I took the dress in a couple inches on each side.  I chalked, pinned, sewed, and trimmed off the excess material.  

Da Da Da-Dum! 3


My original idea involved turning this into a sleeveless number with a deep V back and front.  Yeah…that just didn’t work out.  I thought the results of that attempt looked sloppy, so I went in another direction.  

Da Da Da-Dum! 4


The front of this dress has a button closure.  I hacked off the top, leaving 3 buttons, and then removed those as well.  My strapless dress was on its way!  

I hemmed the raw edge of the top of the dress.   

Da Da Da-Dum! 5
Sewing down the new top of my new dress!


I decided to turn the front of the dress into the back of the dress.  I sewed up where the button closure used to be.  

Da Da Da-Dum! 6
We don't need no stinkin' buttons!


And that was basically it!  I took in the top a skosh more to make sure it would stay up.  Still, I wanted a bit of extra security.  I knew I’d be disgracing myself on the dance floor before the night was through, and really didn’t want any wardrobe malfunctions to occur while I was surrounded by Trisha and Patricks’ camera happy friends and family.  I took a cute bra and safety pinned the top of the dress to the straps.  Now it looked like a cute strappy dress.   

Da Da Da-Dum! 7  

Da Da Da-Dum! 8
the beeeyoooootiful bride!


Whoa…just whoa.  Check out Trisha’s AMAZING dress!   

Da Da Da-Dum! 9
Jillian + 1!
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