Gigantic…A Big Big Dress! 1
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Gigantic…A Big Big Dress!

Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan!
She Wore Blue Polyester...

Today’s piece requires NO SEWING WHATSOEVER!  I figured it was about time I did another no-sew entry for you sewaphobes out there.  Armed only with my creativity, I had the task of transforming this huuuuuge housedress into something fun for Mr. B’s Goodtime Karaoke Explosion

Gigantic…A Big Big Dress! 2

 I wasn’t going to be needing any sleeves on this lovely 70-something degree evening, so I decided to go the strapless route while I still can!  I looooove letting my shoulders roam free!

To make this happen, I unbuttoned all but the 3 lower buttons on the neck of the dress and turned it around on me like so…

Gigantic…A Big Big Dress! 3
So risque!

Then, with a little help, I tied the arms of the dress in the back into a double knot.  This dress wasn’t going anywhere!

Gigantic…A Big Big Dress! 4

After tucking in those buttons and button holes, I had a cute lil numba to belt out a mean ditty in (Gigantic by the Pixies).  🙂

Gigantic…A Big Big Dress! 5
Basement Kitteh is fascinated by the transformation! 🙂

In the time I saved by not having to sew anything, I made some delish Bacon-Wrapped Pork Chops!

Gigantic…A Big Big Dress! 6
Mmmmmm! Pork!

Just wrap those guys in a couple of slices of bacon, bake @ 400 degrees for 30 min, Then broil for 5 min (to crisp that bacon…mmmmm…baaaacon…) and voila!  🙂


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