That's a Wrap (skirt)! 1
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That’s a Wrap (skirt)!

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This week has been crazy madcakes busy!  I haven’t had a chance to stop by any thrift stores (boo!), but I DID get a chance to do a quick and easy NO SEWING REQUIRED refashion (yay!)!

That's a Wrap (skirt)! 2
A perfectly alright jersey knit sweater

What we have here (as the caption above indicates) is a perfectly alright jersey knit sweater type thing.  I wore it tons last year, and am now fairly over it.  I was searching through my closet for a fun, funky, colorful skirt when I stumbled upon my ever-faithful sweater-thing. 

“Why can’t you be a skirt?” I said to the sweater-thing.


“Wait a sec…Why CAN’T you be a skirt!?!” I exclaimed, thwacking my forehead with the palm of my hand.

And thus, a skirt was born.

First, I wrapped it around me and safety-pinned it at my waist.

That's a Wrap (skirt)! 3
pinning at the waist...hiding that pin inside!

Next, I added another safety-pin further down at my upper thigh to keep me from flashing too much leg.

That's a Wrap (skirt)! 4
adding a second pin to prevent any flashing...

Finally, I tied the arms of the sweater-thing around my waist in a double knot.

That's a Wrap (skirt)! 5
Tie it! Do it!

 And Viola!  My sweater-thing has been reincarnated as a rather fetching skirt (It was very good in its previous life).  🙂

That's a Wrap (skirt)! 6
It's actually quite easy being green.

I wore my new skirt all day at work and later for Mingle and Jingle on Main Street, a special holiday version of their First Thursday art series. 

I stopped by Frame of Mind to check out some artwork by Bonnie Goldberg .   I love her figurative work.

That's a Wrap (skirt)! 7
Bonnie Goldberg

I also saw some sweet specs that are definitely now on my Christmas wish list, if you were wondering what I’d like this year.  🙂

That's a Wrap (skirt)! 8
Sweet Specs!

Oh…and check these out!

That's a Wrap (skirt)! 9
Where'd I get those peepers?

 I ended up taking these very cool acrylic peepers made by Kimberly Bookman (available at Tapp’s)  home with me.   Although now I want more… 🙂

That's a Wrap (skirt)! 10
Eye see you!
That's a Wrap (skirt)! 11
Eye think Jillian's new skirt is quite nifty!


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