A Pleasant Peasant Top 1
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A Pleasant Peasant Top

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Today’s refashion was super simple.  I found this guy at the dollar-a-pound Goodwill, and loved it right away.

A Pleasant Peasant Top 2
A Kozy Kaftan!

I love the bright colors and the light, breezy fabric!  If I were of a kaftan-wearing sort, I would have kept it as-is.  Sadly, I am not. 

I’ve been a wee bit stressed lately.  All I wanted was a comfy top to throw on over some jeans for my date with some fresh-baked cookies and theeeeeese guys:

A Pleasant Peasant Top 3
"I like being weird. Weird's all I've got...that and my sweet style!" ~ Moss

This seriously might be the funniest show on the planet.

Time to do away with my stressy self and break out my inner hippie!  This will require a fun peasant top!

First, I cut off the length.

A Pleasant Peasant Top 4
I'm totally saving that bottom part in my scrap drawer!

Then I pinned my new hem under.  Easy Peasy.

A Pleasant Peasant Top 5
Using my sewing gauge to keep my hem Even Steven!

I wanted a more relaxed neckline, so I cut a slit down the center of my new top.

A Pleasant Peasant Top 6

Then, I pinned down a nice, neck-pleasing V.

A Pleasant Peasant Top 7
Prepping that V!

All I had to do was sew it all down!

A Pleasant Peasant Top 8
Emo Sewing

With a freshly stitched (and pressed!) hem and neckline, I was all set to vegetate!

A Pleasant Peasant Top 9
So comfy!

So…do you have a few dresses in your closet that are really cute, but you happen to be sick of?  Why not make them into tops?  Sometimes a really simple alteration like this can make an old garment feel completely new!  It’s sew (he he) easy!

A Pleasant Peasant Top 10
My new top matches: A. my living room walls B. my tasty beverage C. Both A. and B.


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