The Refashion Co-op is kind of a big deal. 1
All,  Year 1: The Beginning

The Refashion Co-op is kind of a big deal.

Go Big Blue!

A very important blog launched on Valentine’s day.

The Refashion Co-op is kind of a big deal. 2

Refashion co-op ( is a place for refashionistas around the world to come together, share ideas, and get inspiration.  It’s easy to feel like you’re creating in a vacuum when there’s no one around you who shares the same, slightly manic, obsession with refashioning. With this blog, we have a home.  🙂

I’m proud to say I’m an editor for this blog.  🙂  I think it’s gonna be huge, as the recycled fashion movement gains momentum. My first editor post can be found here.

So…you’re not a refashionista (yet!)?  Check out our blog anyways to see more fabulous refashioning transformations!

So…you are a refashionista and you’d like to be a contributor?  Click here, m’dear and join us!

Oh…and a reminder!  I’m going to choose a random winner (Do you feel random?  Well?  Do ya?  Punk!) for the Most Destructive Giveaway today at 5pm!  Be sure to leave a comment, any comment, on the ReFashionista facebook page, and you’ll be in the running!


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