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Team Zissou!

Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! Vol. 2
Go Big Blue!

Sometimes I get requests.  Usually I ignore them when they’re of the “Hey…wanna hem my pants?” category.  Because, no…I really don’t want to hem your pants.  I don’t even like hemming my own pants.  Practical sewing is a chore.  Creative sewing is a blast.  🙂  But then, every now and again someone wants something awesome….like a Steve Zissou costume from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou for their dress-as-a-favorite-character-from-a-movie birthday party.


Team Zissou! 2
Bill Murray as Steve Zissou, a most eccentric oceanologist!
Team Zissou! 3
Team Zissou!

When my friend Clay came to me with this request, how could a fellow Wes Anderson/Bill Murray fan say no?  We started off with these.



Team Zissou! 4
Blue Shirt w/ Epaulets...just aching to be a part of Team Zissou!
Team Zissou! 5
White scrub pants!


Clay dyed the pants to an almost identical hue to the shirt (Kudos to Clay!), then handed me a bag with the pants, shirt, some blue material, and a Team Zissou patch he found online in it.

After a good bit of work, and much cleverness, his costume was ready!

Team Zissou! 6

All the props and accessories are Clay’s fine handiwork.  🙂


Team Zissou! 7
Zissou looks into the distance...

Clay’s costume rocked, the party was a blast, and Marty (aka “The Fella”)& I got to revisit our halloween costumes for the occasion!


Team Zissou! 8
We're from the not too distant future.

If you can guess who we are, I’ll be verrrrry impressed by you!  🙂


Happy Birthday, Clay!


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