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Me-Made-March: Day 3!

Me Made March: Day 4!
Me-Made-March Day 2!

For Day 3 of Me-Made-March, I started with this Women’s top.  It’s a size 3X.

Me-Made-March:  Day 3! 2
...a bit big on me.

How lovely and exotic is that print?!  How beautiful is that embellished neckline?! This top was made of the softest silk I’ve ever felt against my skin.  Unfortunately, It was quite massive on me, and I didn’t want it as a top.  That’s right, I’m going to make this shirt into a tunic dress…much like the swanky/costly ones I’ve seen in boutiques and online.

This wasn’t that hard, either.  First, I took it in 4″ on each side, even the sleeves.

Me-Made-March:  Day 3! 3
Pinning the sides!
Me-Made-March:  Day 3! 4

I had to be careful about just how much I took in.  I wanted my new dress to be flattering, but still be able to be slipped on over my head with minimal squirming.  🙂  I pinned the sleeves so the ends would remain nice and full.  I ran each side through my machine, then cut off the excess material.

I tried it on, but still needed to tweak the fit a bit more.

Me-Made-March:  Day 3! 5
Taking the top in a smidge more!

After I  ran each side through my machine a second time, I was done!  The length was perfect, and I liked how the sleeves were bracelet-length to show of my fun bangles.


Me-Made-March:  Day 3! 6
Art Crawling at Tapp's!

I think my dress certainly rivals this Chetta B. silk tunic dress, which retails at $335.  Actually…I like mine better.  😉


Me-Made-March:  Day 3! 7
That'll be $335.

While out and about, I found the perrrrfect accessory for my new dress!


Me-Made-March:  Day 3! 8
I've always wanted one of these. *le sigh*

So far, Me-Made-March has been a blasty!  Cheers!


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