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Jet Setter

A Fiend for a Friend

Lately I’ve had the travel bug…big time.  When I found this top for 50 cents a favorite thrift store, I immediately became wistful.

Jet Setter 2
Frumpsville, USA

It doesn’t look like much with my bed head and my Costello specs, but look closer!

Jet Setter 3
The Planes! The Planes!

I turned this top around, and made a fun new tank top for a beautiful Sunday!

Jet Setter 4
Bonding with nature

 The front looks spiffy, and check out the button-up back!

Jet Setter 5
Lovin' the back!

 The Fella and I didn’t travel to any exotic locales, but we enjoyed a walk by the river…

Jet Setter 6
At the Riverwalk!

…and some tasty fish & chips!

Jet Setter 7
As close as I got to England that day...*sigh*


A Fiend for a Friend


    • ReFashionista

      Eeeeee! I just sort of wung it. :/ This was so long ago, I don’t have any other pics anymore. I’m sorry.

    • ReFashionista

      Hmmmmmm. What problems are you encountering? I haven’t had much trouble with knits. Maybe you need to adjust the tension a bit to compensate for the stretchy fabric?

  • ReFashionista

    It’s actually still right side up (otherwise those planes would be crashing! :)). I just lopped of the top below the first button, took in the sides, turned the excess fabric into straps, made the back a flyaway back, and sewed it all up. 🙂

  • charityshopchic

    Was the whole thing turned upside-down as well as back to front, so the buttons which were at the front/top are now at the back/bottom?! Or did you cut the whole thing apart?

    LOVING the aeroplane fabric by the way 🙂

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