Day 9: Drapey Silk Tank 1
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Day 9: Drapey Silk Tank

Day 10: Coral Reef Skirt (from Scarlet Dye!)
Day 8: Mellow Yellow

Huzzah for the weekend!  I’m jazzed that I’ve made it through the first week of my year-long challenge.  🙂 Only 51 more to go!  Yikes.  Today’s top began as this rather nightgownish number from Robert Redford’s Sundance.

Day 9: Drapey Silk Tank 2
Robert Redford would not be pleased.
 I really liked the pretty floral print, plus it was made of silk (ah…beautiful silk!).  However, I look like a peasant in this thing, and I’ve gotta fix it.

I began by making a big cut, right at the line where the back zipper ends.

Day 9: Drapey Silk Tank 3

 Next, I pinned and hemmed the new bottom of my new top.  That’s it!  I was ready to enjoy a casual Friday.

Day 9: Drapey Silk Tank 4
Those shades totally make me look like a fly.
Day 9: Drapey Silk Tank 5
I can finally pull my hair back...sort of. 🙂

My new top isn’t all that unlike this one from Vagabond Boutique that sells for $54.  Of course, mine was totally free.  🙂

Day 9: Drapey Silk Tank 6
That'll be $54.

I took a break from work to enjoy a tasty spinach salad at Mellow Mushroom, where this guy caught my eye.  🙂

Day 9: Drapey Silk Tank 7
A Giant Bedazzled Gamecock! 🙂


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