Day 18:  Wine not? Jeans 1
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Day 18: Wine not? Jeans

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Today was definitely a jeans day.  I began with these dingy white skinny jeans that were covered in small stains. 🙁

Day 18:  Wine not? Jeans 2
Dingy and Spotty! 🙁

I pulled out my dye stash and chose this one:

Day 18:  Wine not? Jeans 3
...because everything I wear ends up covered in wine eventually!

I tossed the jeans into the washer with the dye, some salt, and about a cup of vinegar.

Day 18:  Wine not? Jeans 4
Swishy Swishy!

I left the jeans in the dye bath for about an hour.  I really wanted a nice, saturated color.

Then I rinsed…

Day 18:  Wine not? Jeans 5
Almost Done!

Now those discarded jeans are fab and fuschia!

Day 18:  Wine not? Jeans 6
Diggin' the color!

My new jeans aren’t unlike these that retail for a whopping $490 from Neiman Marcus.

Day 18:  Wine not? Jeans 7
That'll be $490.

Of course, my jeans were free (although I don’t get to keep them).  🙂

Do you have stained and/or dingy white clothing?  Have you thought about dyeing it to see what happens?



  • Susan Tackett

    Why do you not get to keep the jeans? I’ve noticed you’ve said this a couple times about you can’t keep something.

    • ReFashionista

      Ah! This was from the year I donated everything I refashioned to a charity shop that benefits our local Women’s Shelter. It was a part of the challenge. 🙂

    • ReFashionista

      I have avoided dyeing anything for a long time because I was worried about just that! If you follow the instructions on the dye and wash the machine out with detergent and bleach, it’ll be just fine. 🙂 I was surprised, too!

      • Angela

        I mean, washing the dyed clothes with other stuff? Won’t the dye bleed on to other clothes? You’re awesome BTW! Need to learn how to use my sewing machine, then I’m hoping to start refashioning!

        • ReFashionista

          For the first wash, I wash the dyed item by itself and keep an eye on the water to see if any dye comes out. The dye seems to do fine, as long as I rinsed it enough when I first dyed it. You should definitely start refashioning (and post to the Refashion Co-op to show everyone what you do)! 🙂

  • Nethwen

    Dying stained clothing is my favorite fix, although I use only black dye and come out with various shades of grey. I think I overload the dye bath since I save up all my stained clothes to do one dye batch a year.

  • Julia Austin

    Excellent idea, Check out your local consignment shops with an open mind, I good pair of pants at a fraction of the retail can be super cute pants in a different color. Thanks

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