Day 19:  Silk Cargo Skirt 1
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Day 19: Silk Cargo Skirt

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Remember capri pants and how they never really worked for us shorties?

Day 19:  Silk Cargo Skirt 2
Not the best look for the vertically challenged. 😛

These silk ones are wonderfully comfy, but not the best choice for me.  It’s hard to see it in the pic, but there’s this weird elastic around the legs that’s awkwardly stretched out and looks odd on me.

I set out to turn these pants into  a swell skirt!

First, I unpicked the inseam all the way up through the crotch of the pants.

Day 19:  Silk Cargo Skirt 3

Next, I put the pants on my dress form inside-out, and pinned the newly-formed gaps together…making sure the skirt draped properly.

Day 19:  Silk Cargo Skirt 4
Day 19:  Silk Cargo Skirt 5
...and far!

I ran both sides through my machine, and then cut off the excess material.

I left a slit in the back, so I wouldn’t have to walk like Morticia Addams.  🙂

Check it out!

Day 19:  Silk Cargo Skirt 6
A Svelte Skirt!

I shouldn’t play favorites, but I love love LOVE this skirt!

Day 19:  Silk Cargo Skirt 7
Try to ignore the bruises on my bum elbow. :/
Day 19:  Silk Cargo Skirt 8
It really is quite cute!

While walking to lunch on Main Street, I passed S&S Art Supply, I was immediately drawn in by these amazing hats!

Day 19:  Silk Cargo Skirt 9
I think I've found my winter hat!

When I got back to my office, I hopped online to discover the artist, Christine Cannon.  She recently had her solo debut at S&S.  I’m sad I missed it!  You should definitely poke around her online portfolio, and if you live near Columbia, swing by S&S to check out her work in person!


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