Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top 1
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Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top

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Day 24: Viva Las Vegas Dress

Today’s top began as a skirt that at first glance looked perfectly fine.  I mean, it was way too big for me, but the print was awesome and there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with it.

Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top 2
...just a big ol' skirt, right?

WRONG!!!  When I turned the skirt inside-out to begin working on it, I saw something hideous.  I didn’t photograph it, for fear of traumatizing you, my tender reader.  It was the nastiest frikkin stain I have ever seen.  I wash everything before I work with it, but yet this stain was still there.  I want to hunt down the person who donated this biohazard to Revente’s Last Call and find a way to hurt them in the way they have hurt me. There are some things that once seen, you can’t unsee.  This stain was one of those things. 

I hurriedly chopped off the lining and threw it in the outside garbage bin.  I didn’t even want it in my house.  Then, I washed my hands…many times.  Then I washed the now  liningless skirt a couple of times.  The stain was only on the lining…but dude…it was nasty.

Confident that my skirt was now safe, I put it on my dress form and pinned it down the back where I would be taking it in.  I decided to make it into a top.

I ran it through my machine.

Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top 3

Then, I chopped off the excess material and put it back on my dress form.  I had a couple of straps I snipped off a dress that sadly had no hope of being refashioned, as it was just too damaged.

Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top 4

I pinned them to my new top.  🙂

Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top 5
Strapped and Secure!

Then, I sewed them in place.

I tossed my new top on over a pair of jeans and headed to Virtu for a tasty brunch with some fabulous friends!

Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top 6
A sweet summer top!
Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top 7
Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top 8
Erin and I seriously made them regret their "bottomless mimosa" deal.
Day 25: Brunchtime Delight Top 9


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