Day 29:  Water Park Tee 1
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Day 29: Water Park Tee

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Today’s tee actually started out as two different shirts.

First, there was this one:

Day 29:  Water Park Tee 2
Pilled Out and Dingy 🙁

We’re looking at a Rue 21 (Groan) top that’s pilled out and not quite so white anymore.  This is the back view.

Then, there was this one:

Day 29:  Water Park Tee 3
Plain ol' tee

This is a men’s size medium GAP tee that, while plain, is ever-so comfy and soft!

It was time to combine the best of both worlds to make one awesome sauce tee for my casual day off!  🙂

I carefully snipped off that nice back detail from the white top, as it was the only part that was actually usable.

Day 29:  Water Park Tee 4
Removed Doily Thing

I took the doily thing and pinned it to the burgundy tee.

Day 29:  Water Park Tee 5

As you can see, I’ve pinned everything except the bottom part.  That’s because I’m going to gather it later.  🙂

Next, I sewed everything except the bottom part down.

Day 29:  Water Park Tee 6

This was a bit tricky, and the doily thing wasn’t that easy to work with, but I managed.  🙂

I trimmed the burgundy material away from the doily thing, and began gathering and pinning the bottom part.

Day 29:  Water Park Tee 7
Pin and Gather!

I stitched that part down as well.

I still wasn’t completely content with my new tee, so I trimmed a bit off the sleeves and the neckline.   Ahhhhhh!  That was mucho bettero!

I tossed my tee over my bikini just in time to head over the water park with my pal, Heather!  🙂

Day 29:  Water Park Tee 8
It's just an ordinary tee, isn't it?
Day 29:  Water Park Tee 9
Loving the rear view!

So, the tee is big on me, but I realllly wanted a nice, comfy, oversized tee to wear for my day off.  🙂  I’ve been seeing lots of girls in oversized tees, and was happy to jump on the bandwagon!

Day 29:  Water Park Tee 10
Happy as can be in my comfy new tee!
Day 29:  Water Park Tee 11
Yay! Water Park! The Pices in me rejoices!
Day 29:  Water Park Tee 12
Such a fun afternoon!


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  • Peggy Eckmann

    I love what you do here…with those dresses…like I USED to wear…you’ve made them super cute…I have mens shirts..flannel ones..too big of course…any ideas on how to make them more feminine..I bought a new embroidery machine..BUTT!! I find myself doing more sewing and altering than embroiderying..

  • bridget.linton

    I’ve pretty much lurked on your blog for two years, subscribed and always love seeing new posts. I somehow ended up on this one tonight and I love it! I remake my t shirts from every Father’s Day show and shine into a cuter much better fitted version.

  • Penny

    I stumbled across your site last night. My daughter and I looked at all your posts, not once, but twice!! I love what you do!!! Now I am itching to get into my closet and try to “remake” something! Thanks for the inspiration!

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