Day 47: A Sleepy Scarf 1
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Day 47: A Sleepy Scarf

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Today’s refashion began as what used to be a cute vesty-thing.

Day 47: A Sleepy Scarf 2
Day 47: A Sleepy Scarf 3
Back of the vesty-thing!

I couldn’t get it to photograph, but the lace at the top of the back of this has elastic thread in it.  Sadly, the elastic threads were breaking and sticking out.  I had to think of something to do with the rest of this oddly-shaped vesty-thing.  Hmmmmnnn…

I ended up deciding to make it an eternity scarf/ fabric necklace.  To do this, I cut out a few strips.

Day 47: A Sleepy Scarf 4
Strip Tease

Then, I pinned them all together, with the right sides facing up.

Day 47: A Sleepy Scarf 5
Stuck on each other.

Then, I sewed them all together.  🙂

Day 47: A Sleepy Scarf 6

That’s how you make a really basic infinity scarf!  🙂

Day 47: A Sleepy Scarf 7
Wearing my shades indoors so you can’t the carry-on luggage under my eyes! :/

So yeah…that’s really ridiculously basic.  :/  Forgive me.  I barely slept last night.   In my one, very short dream I was carrying around a pillow and a blanket at work saying how sleepy I was to my co-workers.  That’s right…I was exhausted in my dream.

I promise to show you something more fun tomorrow.  😉

In the meantime, check out Fashion Cat!  🙂

Day 47: A Sleepy Scarf 8
Fashion Cat says “MEEE-OWW!” to Infinity Scarves!


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