Day 48: A Stripey DIY Strapless Dress Refashion 2
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Day 48: A Stripey DIY Strapless Dress Refashion

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I don’t know exactly how to preface this oddball, so…um…er…

Check this out!  🙂

DIY Strapless Dress Refashion Before

Is anybody else thinking of this blast from the past?

Fruit Stripe Gum
Yikes! Stripes!

I don’t even remember actually liking the taste of this stuff. I just thought the stripes were really cool.  🙂

However, as far as this dress goes, I needed a little less stripeage, so I made a big chop!  🙂

cutting off top of striped dress

I’m going to forget about the top part for now, and work with that stripey skirt. 

I decided to turn the bottom of the skirt into the top of a new dress!  🙂

It didn’t quite fit me, so I added elastic, using the existing hem as a casing.

adding elastic to casing of strapless dress
Elastic! It’s Fantastic!

I threaded it through using my oh-so-handy safety pin, and then sewed the elastic together.

Next, I hemmed the raw edge at the bottom.  🙂

sewing bottom hem
Stitchy Stitchy!

I think I’ve removed the Yikes Factor, don’t you? 🙂

DIY Strapless Dress Refashion after
No Yikes…Just Stripes!

I took a break from work to stroll over to KC Hotdogs for a tasty Veggie Carolina Dog in my sweet new strapless dress! 🙂

DIY Strapless Dress Refashion After
Le Nom!


DIY Strapless Dress Refashion
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