Day 50: Who Needs Sleep? 1
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Day 50: Who Needs Sleep?

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I need sleep.  For the past week, I’ve been struggling to get my little peepers to close for the evening.  Today, I was beginning to feel sick, with a scratchy throat and an achy body.  🙁  I needed to sleeeeeeep…hard!

I knew just the thing to assist me in my efforts…a nice comfy sleep mask to keep out any hint of light from my tired eyeballs.  Seriously folks…I was starting to look like a zombie.

Day 50: Who Needs Sleep? 2
If Simon saw me today, he would have lopped my head off.

I gathered my supplies:

Day 50: Who Needs Sleep? 3

To do this project, I needed a template, a couple of scraps of fabric, a piece of elastic, and a little bit of fiberfill. 

I chose a bright, colorful fabric for the outside of my mask, and a super-soft darker fabric for the inside.  🙂

First, I cut out my template and pinned it to the fabric.

Day 50: Who Needs Sleep? 4
Pin it!
Day 50: Who Needs Sleep? 5
Two easy pieces!

I pinned the two sides together, right sides facing in.  I also pinned the elastic to each side, with the elastic inside the pinned pieces.  🙂

I sewed along the edge of my mask, leaving a small hole to turn it inside-out (this is also how you’ll get the stuffing inside).

Day 50: Who Needs Sleep? 6
Sew it all together!

I turned the whole thing inside-out, and filled it with a bit of stuffing.

Day 50: Who Needs Sleep? 7
Stuff it!

You could add lavender oil or some such to your stuffing to make your mask smell all nice and relaxing.  I have really sensitive eyes, so I opted out.  🙂

After my mask was stuffed, I stitched down the gap.

Now I have a lovely Sleep Mask to help me catch some much-needed Zzzzs. 🙂

Day 50: Who Needs Sleep? 8
Day 50: Who Needs Sleep? 9

 G’night!  🙂

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