Day 55: Shirt is Skirt II 1
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Day 55: Shirt is Skirt II

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Today’s piece began as a 50 cent Goodwill find.  I actually like this shirt as-is and will probably wear it as a light jacket with a black miniskirt and tights for the fall.

Day 55: Shirt is Skirt II 2
I dig that print!

However, as you’ve probably figured out by now, this blog isn’t about wearing things as-is.  Oh no.  🙂

I took this shirt and tied it around my waist with the collar tucked in.  I paired it with an oversized tee scored from the same 50 cent rack as the striped shirt.

Day 55: Shirt is Skirt II 3
Hi there!

Does anyone notice my new ‘do?  🙂   I was trying to grow my hair out, but I just couldn’t take the mullet look any longer!  After watching Gosford Park on Netflix, I decided to go with a chic 30’s style bob.  🙂

Day 55: Shirt is Skirt II 4
No more mullet!

Check out the back!

Day 55: Shirt is Skirt II 5
Reverse Widow's Peak!

I wore my hip new shirt-skirt to the AAF (American Advertising Federation) of the Midlands Art Director’s Art Show at 701 Whaley.  I’m lucky to have several artistically talented friends, a few of which were featured in this show.  🙂

Day 55: Shirt is Skirt II 6
This piece is by the talented Jimmy Higgs!

This piece was my favorite from the show.  You’re looking at a blown-up photograph of the middle of a road somewhere.  The artist, Jimmy Higgs recently had a solo show featuring dozens of such photos, all taken from different streets around town.  I love the concept, and I love the work!

In case you were wondering what that sticker on my leg was, It’s my name tag!

Day 55: Shirt is Skirt II 7
Join. Belong. Refashion!

So…there I was…feeling all creative and whatnot in my fabulous shirtskirt.  Then, I saw this skirt from the Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer 2011 line.  🙁

Day 55: Shirt is Skirt II 8
Well crap...I thought I was being original. 🙁

Oh well!  :/

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