Day 56:  '80s Jumpsuit to Dress Refashion: Yacht Party Edition 2
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Day 56: ’80s Jumpsuit to Dress Refashion: Yacht Party Edition

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Day 55: Shirt is Skirt II

When I found this 80’s-tastic white jumpsuit, I jumped back in shock!

refashionista jumpsuit to dress refashion before
Ms. Stay Puft

At least I don’t look as bad as this guy from a 70’s jumpsuit ad.

Day 56:  '80s Jumpsuit to Dress Refashion: Yacht Party Edition 4
“The Ultimate Fashion Climax”??????

Ultimate Fashion Climax or no, It was time to refashion this jumpsuit into modern times.

Those polyester legs have got to go! 

I began unpicking the seams around the crotch.

unpicking crotch of jumpsuit
Picky Picky!

Then, I chopped off the legs and put the jumpsuit on my dress form.

pinning jumpsuit on dress form
Make a new seam!

Having a dress form makes this really easy.  I just pinned a straight line from the zipper to the bottom of what will end up being the skirt of my new dress. 

I did this for the back as well and sewed it all down.  Then, I chopped off the excess material.

So, now the jumpsuit was turning into a dress, but it was still a too-big-for-me dress. 

I took my new dress in from the back.

taking dress in from the back
Pinned and Prepped!

I pinned it, then I ran it through my machine. 

taking in back of dress
Just a little back seam. Nothing to see here!

After the back was taken in, I still needed to even out the bottom of the dress. 

I grabbed my pinking shears and snipped away!

cutting off bottom of dress for new hem
Trim it!

I’m almost done!  The very last thing I had to do was hem that bottom edge.  First I pinned, then I sewed.

pinning new hem
Pinning a hem!

I think my new dress is yacht-worthy, don’t you?

'80s Jumpsuit to Dress Refashion After
That’s funny…I don’t see a yacht anywhere…:/

As no yachts showed up at my door (possibly because I’m landlocked), I gave up waiting and hopped off to a fun night of Karaoke.  🙂

'80s Jumpsuit to Dress Refashion After Sitting
I’m not on a boat. I’m just flipping copies. 🙁

All went well until I ran into this guy.

'80s Jumpsuit to Dress Refashion After at Bar
Just chillin with King Kong. 🙂


Refashionista '80s Jumpsuit to Dress Refashion
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