Day 63: Almost Dusk Dress: A Frumpy to Fab Refashion 1
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Day 63: Almost Dusk Dress: A Frumpy to Fab Refashion

Day 64: No-Sew Refashion: An Elegant Twist & Cinch Dress
Day 62: Applique Those Holes Away!

I shouldn’t play favorites, but I have to let you know…I love refashioning old lady dresses more than anything else.  There.  I said it, and I’m standing by it.  🙂

This one was donated from Revente’s Last Call.  Besides being all old ladylike, it had a few spots that I was able to get out in the wash.  🙂


Most of these bad dresses I get are by Liz Claiborne.  Liz. Liz. Liz.  Tsk! Tsk!  What the hell were you thinking?

I got to work.  First off, those pads of shoulderitude were ripped out.

shoulder pads

Next, I cut out those massive sleeves.

refashionista ripped out sleeves
Later, losers!

Then, I took the dress in about 2″ on each side.  I also took in the big gaping arm holes 5″, as they were quite gapey indeed!

refashionista pinning
pinning those armholes!
refashionista whirrrr

I sort of did something stupid in the taking-in process.  :/  I took in the bottom just as much as I took in the top.  Look at the “before” pic.  The bottom is much narrower than the top.  I couldn’t get into this dress when I was done.  Luckily (very very luckily) someone had taken this dress in from the back at some point, and didn’t cut off the excess material (whew!).  I just used my seam ripper to undo that seam, shortened the dress, and all was well!  This is why you can’t go on autopilot when you’re refashioning…you’ll end up making really dumb mistakes that are really hard to undo!

Fortunately, my dress turned out just fine!

I used the Obi Belt I made for my awesome Trouser Dress to cinch the waist.  🙂

Old lady dress no more!

I wore my svelte new frock to the Art Bar for a bit of Karaoke.  🙂

Day 63: Almost Dusk Dress: A Frumpy to Fab Refashion 2
Fun Fellas!
Day 63: Almost Dusk Dress: A Frumpy to Fab Refashion 3
Just be glad I haven’t added sound to this blog. 😉
refashionista at karaoke
Belting out some Carly Simon! 🙂


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