Day 66: Pride Dress 1
Dress Refashions

Day 66: Pride Dress

Day 67: Hippie Skirt to Dress Refashion
Day 65: The Easiest No-Sew Dress Refashion Ever

One of my favorite thrift stores has just doubled its price for clothing.  Now it all costs $1.  😛  While this is a 100% increase (which would be unheard of if this was…say…Starbucks), I think I’ll let it slide.  🙂

When I bought this colorful skirt for $1, I thought it would be perfect for the 2011 SC Pride Celebration.  🙂

Day 66: Pride Dress 2
Love that print! 🙂

The lightweight fabric was just what I needed for an afternoon listening to music and hanging out with friends in Finlay Park.  🙂

Unfortunately, the bottom hem was coming undone.

Day 66: Pride Dress 3
Coming Undone like Duran Duran.

I quickly ran the bottom hem through my machine and fixed it.

Of course, I wasn’t going to wear this skirt as a skirt, when it makes such a cute dress!  😉  I cinched it at the waist with a sash from another dress.

Day 66: Pride Dress 4
My new dress is lighter than air!

I ran into a couple of Roller Derby Pals…

Day 66: Pride Dress 5
Gotta love those Regulators! 🙂

and made sure to keep hydrated.  😉

Day 66: Pride Dress 6

Fun times…but next year, I’ll hopefully remember to bring sunscreen!

Day 66: Pride Dress 7
Burnt to a crisp!


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