Day 77:  Jungle Love Dress 1
All,  Year 2: The 366 Day Refashion Project

Day 77: Jungle Love Dress

Day 78: Faux Halter Dress
Day 76: An Early Fall Frock

Welcome to the Jungle, friends!  🙂  I don’t have fun and games, but I do have this sweet $1 thrift store find!  😉

Day 77:  Jungle Love Dress 2
Oh We Oh We Oh!

I love that crazy jungle print!  Unfortunately, that’s about all this dress has going for it right now.  :/

Let’s get to it!

First, I cut out those icktastic pads!

Day 77:  Jungle Love Dress 3

Then, I did a good bit of choppage!

Day 77:  Jungle Love Dress 4
Choppage in Progress!

Of course, I’m not going to leave those raw edges, so I got to pinning.

Day 77:  Jungle Love Dress 5
Pinned and Prepped!

Then I got to sewing!

Day 77:  Jungle Love Dress 6

Now I have a dress Morris Day would approve of that I can still wear in public!  🙂

Day 77:  Jungle Love Dress 7
"I approve."
Day 77:  Jungle Love Dress 8
Somber Fashion Blogger Pose
Day 77:  Jungle Love Dress 9
Don't you wanna know me? (know me) 🙂

I wore my cute new dress out for an evening of Trivia and Karaoke!  🙂

Day 77:  Jungle Love Dress 10
Scheming for a win!

Sadly, we only got 2nd Place in Trivia…again.  One of these days…:)

Day 77:  Jungle Love Dress 11
He's really not scary at all! 🙂
Day 77:  Jungle Love Dress 12
Roller Derby Love!

On a complete side note:  Check out Nick and his awesome puppet!  My friend Sam makes these amazing puppets as gifts for his friends’ bdays and such.  🙂  He makes the clothes out of thrifted/damaged clothing.  How cool is that?  🙂

Day 77:  Jungle Love Dress 13


Day 77:  Jungle Love Dress 14


  • Suzan

    Well, you look like a pretty, very petite person. It is a lot easier to refashion things when you are small because most everything is bigger and has extra material that gives you more options to do something different with it. It is a lot harder to find things to make over when you are a “full figure” woman. Not many things have that extra fabric to give you options and lets face it, cutting things off – hems and sleeves – just gets boaring for a full figured woman. We can’t wear these little short, strapless, sleeveless numbers with elastic holding them up that you are so talented in designing. How about, now and then, you grab a friend that is larger and do something for a “full figure” woman just to mix things up and show off your talents.

  • Jenna

    You amaze me with how you can turn anything into something wearable. I never would have seen the potential in that dress. Love, love, love your blog. Thanks for the daily inspiration!

  • Yolanda

    Gorgeous refashion! I love it!!! By the way, you have such a busy social life! I don’t know how you have time to work, go out and sew all in one day!!!!!!! I really love this dress!

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