Day 79:  A Go Go No-No 1
Dress Refashions

Day 79: A Go Go No-No

Day 80: Pleasantville Dress
Day 78: Faux Halter Dress

Today’s dress would have been just fine…if I wanted to take part in the club scene in the 80’s.  :/

Day 79:  A Go Go No-No 2

This actually looks better in the pic than in reality, I assure you.  That stupid fake chain belt thing didn’t go all the way around the dress, so it sagged in the front (flattering!).

I removed the chain, as well as a couple of other troublemakers.

Day 79:  A Go Go No-No 3
Gypsy likes the bling!

Removing the chain and the pads was all I had to do to make this verrrrry dated dress a much nicer, completely classic LBD that could be worn five years from now and still look current.  🙂

Day 79:  A Go Go No-No 4
Day 79:  A Go Go No-No 5
and Far!

I threw on a sweater (it’s really quite chilly here in SC this weekend) and some brown accessories and headed off to meet up with friends at the Greek Festival!  The Columbia Greek Festival is one of my favorite things about living here.  For four days, I have unlimited access to all sorts of tasty greek dishes and pastries (Ahhh! Baklava!).

Day 79:  A Go Go No-No 6
Wait a sec...what's that in Bekah's pouch?
Day 79:  A Go Go No-No 7
I spy a little baby Ava!
Day 79:  A Go Go No-No 8
Happy as can be with bellies full of Keftedes!



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