Day 81:  Purple Rainforest Dress 1
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Day 81: Purple Rainforest Dress

Day 82: Bacchus Dress
Day 80: Pleasantville Dress

By the time fella and I got back in town from G-vegas, the last thing I wanted to do was touch my sewing machine.  I pulled out a sad-looking frock, and thought of no-sew solutions to fix it.

Day 81:  Purple Rainforest Dress 2
Purple Lame. Pur-ur-ple Lame.

The purple print is awesome.  It reminds me of Liberty of London.

Unforunately, it’s huge, poufy, and it has these:

Day 81:  Purple Rainforest Dress 3
Quite literally as big as my head!

Time for a no-sew quick fix!

First, I chopped out those pads!

Then, I rolled those poufy sleeves waaaaay up.  I grabbed my obi belt from my trouser dress, and used it to give this dress a waist.  🙂  If you don’t have an obi belt already, I can’t recommend them highly enough (especially if you refashion)!  I made mine out of a pair of men’s trouser legs, so see?  It doesn’t even have to be expensive.   🙂

Day 81:  Purple Rainforest Dress 4
A much-improved frock!

I think my new dress definitely has a Liberty of London feel.  If hadn’t been so lazy,  I would have chopped of that length.  But since it looks like this is going to be the “in” length for dresses next spring (I’m quite good at predicting these things), It’s probably best left as-is.  🙂



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