Day 87: Mocktail Dress 1
Dress Refashions

Day 87: Mocktail Dress

Day 88: Welcome to Asheville Dress
Day 86: Purple Rainforest Dress...Take 2!

Today’s stylin’ outfit is actually a 2 piecer!  🙂

Day 87: Mocktail Dress 2

Today, I’m going to deal with the skirt part.  Don’t worry, I’ll be dealing with the top soon enough!  🙂

This was a really easy refashion.  I wanted something special to wear to a friend’s vegetarian supper party, so I decided to wear the skirt as a dress!  I’m loving the glitter and that fun brush stroke print! 🙂

Day 87: Mocktail Dress 3
Perfect Cocktail Dress!

If you do a lot of refashioning, I can’t stress the importance of having a really good belt collection enough!  I usually find them for $1 or less at thrift stores.  The one I wore tonight was a vintage Anne Klein that a co-worker gave me.  🙂

Day 87: Mocktail Dress 4
When other fashion bloggers do this, they look cool. I just look bummed. :/

Everybody at the party complimented me on my sparkly dress.  I wondered if any of them knew the truth behind it…but decided to forget it and just drink my wine.  🙂

Day 87: Mocktail Dress 5
I wonder...
Day 87: Mocktail Dress 6
You gotta have friends! 🙂
Day 87: Mocktail Dress 7
Gotta have even more friends! 🙂


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