Day 95:  Apple Orchard Dress 1
All,  Year 2: The 366 Day Upcycle Project

Day 95: Apple Orchard Dress

Day 96: Coffee Date Dress
Day 94: Gauzy Top

I started my day with this awesome piece of doilyness.  🙂

Day 95:  Apple Orchard Dress 2
I'll get your heart racing with my old lady dress & jeans...

I love the fall colors in this dress.  With a few tweaks, it’ll be perfect for a day at the apple orchard with friends!  🙂

That collar needs to get outta there!  I picked it out with my seam ripper.

Day 95:  Apple Orchard Dress 3

Removing the collar meant completely undoing all the stitching around the collar.  No biggie.  This is really easy to just pin back together and stitch up.

Day 95:  Apple Orchard Dress 4

So now the neckline is looking much better, but I still hated the length and those sleeves.  You can probably guess what came next.

Day 95:  Apple Orchard Dress 5
On the cutting room floor!

Now my dress is perfect for a lovely fall day spent apple-picking!  🙂

Day 95:  Apple Orchard Dress 6
Sky Top Orchard! 🙂

It was a bit chilly in the mountains, so I kept my favorite nubby black sweater handy.  🙂

Day 95:  Apple Orchard Dress 7
My first apple!

This trip really put me in the mood for fall.  🙂  I’m ready for sweaters, boots, warm cookies, and tea.  🙂  Bring it, Fall!

Day 95:  Apple Orchard Dress 8
We should be in a musical...
Day 95:  Apple Orchard Dress 9
Group Shot! 🙂
Day 95:  Apple Orchard Dress 10
View from Sky Top

Cheers!  🙂

Day 95:  Apple Orchard Dress 11


  • redbamsews

    I agree w/ you the collar had to go. When I first looked at this dress, I did not think it was you at all nor did I have a clue as to where you would go with it. Once again, you’ve outdone yourself. The sweater and leggings added to it as well.

  • Jane

    I love looking at your deconstruction and reconstruction.
    So many out-of-style clothes can be saved to flounce around another day.
    By the way , the apple site, is it in upstate SC? My brother lives in Walhalla and we got there in the fall to pick apples at a place just like the one you were at.

  • Sandi

    I love your blog. I have been re-fashioning as well for about ten years. I upcycle and sell some peices on etsy. If you are ever in Nor Cal we should go thrifting! We have a Thrift store called the Attic and on Mondays everything is…..wait for it……10 cents!!!!! Vintage dresses galore. It’s a Re-fashioners paradise!

  • Wendylowther

    The material is beautiful…..quite liked the original sleeve length and the collar! What you have done is great! I have only ever sewed with a pattern! Maybe if I keep following your blog inspiration will hit me! Have a new sewing machine but have only sewn around table cloths etc!

  • And harper

    Lol some of the things you refashion were so in STYLE back in the day( 70s and 80s) . I wore a lot of those styles lacey collars, shoulder pads, longer lengths, crazy patterns and ruffles and thought they were wonderful and so fashionable. Times and fashions change. Your fashions are always creative and I am big on recycling and reusing. Keep up the good work. A frumpy grandmother. Do some fashions for an older relative or friend. US OLD GALs need ideas also an we can’t wear A lot of the really short skin showing STYLE you young girls are able to rock. Trust me NO one wants to see that on a 65 yr. Chung grandma

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