Day 102:  Sock Hop 1
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Day 102: Sock Hop

Day 103: A Sweater Save
Day 101: Feeling Cocky Dress

Today I was feeling a bit under the weather and decided to stay in and veg.  I donned my favorite pjs and was ready to catch up on my Dr. Who episodes, when my feet began to feel a bit chilly.  🙁

I pulled out a misshapen sweater that looked terrible on me…

Day 102:  Sock Hop 2
A sucky sweater. 🙁

and chopped off the sleeves.

Day 102:  Sock Hop 3
Chop! And Chop!

Then, I sewed the raw edge down, leaving the button-up part open.  🙂

Day 102:  Sock Hop 4

Now I have a pair of cute & cozy socks to keep my feet warm & happy!  🙂

Day 102:  Sock Hop 5
Those buttons are too cute! 🙂

My mannequin likes them too!

Day 102:  Sock Hop 6
Sock it to me!


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