Day 103:  A Sweater Save 1
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Day 103: A Sweater Save

Day 104: A Scrappy Scarf
Day 102: Sock Hop

Remember that sweater from yesterday?

Day 103:  A Sweater Save 2
A sucky sweater. 🙁

And how I turned those too-long sleeves into a sweet pair of button-up socks?  🙂

I couldn’t just waste the rest of the sweater, so I made a new cut up the center to turn that weird bunchy, way-unflattering pullover into a sweet cardi!  🙂

Day 103:  A Sweater Save 3
A Sweater Made Better!

I pinned the V-neck together with my favorite brooch.  It used to be my Grandmother’s, so it always makes me happy and nostalgic when I wear it.  🙂



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