Day 104:  A Scrappy Scarf 1
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Day 104: A Scrappy Scarf

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Day 103: A Sweater Save

One of the problems with refashioning is figuring out what to do with all those scraps!

Day 104:  A Scrappy Scarf 2
My scrap drawer runneth over!

When I was first given my sewing machine, a family member gave me a book called Sew Everything Workshop.

Day 104:  A Scrappy Scarf 3
by Diana Rupp

It came in really handy for figuring out how to use my machine.  I can’t stand the ugly black & white photos that you find in manuals.  This book is full of color, and has lots of cute little witticisms to keep you interested in reading it.  It comes with a bunch of projects and patterns, too!  There was one that always seemed really clever, easy, and unique…The Scrappy Scarf.

I grabbed a bunch of my smaller scraps that I wasn’t really sure what to do with, and cut them into small squares.

Day 104:  A Scrappy Scarf 4
Scrappy Squares!

Then, I sewed them in a chain diagonally.  The book tells you to pin them, but you really don’t have to.  The feed dogs will pick up the new square just fine.  🙂

Day 104:  A Scrappy Scarf 5
Back on the Chain Gang!

I kept adding new squares until I reached a length I was happy with.  Now I have a fun new scarf, made entirely of scraps that probably would have gotten tossed out!

Day 104:  A Scrappy Scarf 6
My mannequin likes it too!

What are some other scrap-busting ideas you think I should try?


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