Day 107:  Paint it Teal 1
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Day 107: Paint it Teal

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This would-be sweet Rolling Stones Tee (who doesn’t love the Stones?) came from the “No Thank You” bin at Sid & Nancy.  It had a couple of problems.  First there were these stains.  🙁

Day 107:  Paint it Teal 2

It also reeked of cigarette smoke.  🙁  If you don’t believe smoking is a nasty habit, maybe you’ll believe it when you hear it from Geoffrey Rush.  Listen to Geoffrey, Friends…if for no other reason than to keep your clothes from smelling gross.  🙂

First, I washed the shirt to get that ciggy smell out, but the stains remained.  🙁  I decided to use a dyeing technique I saw over at Recycled Fashion.  Since I didn’t have a jar on hand, I took an old pitcher and added teal powdered dye, hot water (from my tea kettle), salt, and my freshly-washed damp tee.

Day 107:  Paint it Teal 3
When out of gloves, you've gotta get resourceful! 🙂

Do you like my “gloves” ?  🙂

Day 107:  Paint it Teal 4
Gimme Shelter...and color! 🙂

I left the tee in the pitcher for three hours, then tossed it into the washing machine for a rinse.

Day 107:  Paint it Teal 5
It'll be done in a Jumping Jack Flash! 🙂

After the water ran clear, I dried my new tee, and then threw it on for a busy day of protesting corruption in government, followed by a wine tasting, followed by lunch with friends!  🙂

Day 107:  Paint it Teal 6
Stains B Gone!

How cool is this??? 🙂  I love how this dye job turned out, as well as how low-maintenance it was!  🙂

Day 107:  Paint it Teal 7
View from Above!
Day 107:  Paint it Teal 8
Yum! Lunch at Harpers! 🙂
Day 107:  Paint it Teal 9
Wild Horses couldn't drag me away...from this couch. 😉

Cheers!  🙂

Day 107:  Paint it Teal 10

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  • chicaandaluza

    Love the Stones – the first proper concert I ever saw was The Rolling Stones at the old Wembley Stadium in London when I was 16!!! Of course, it goes almost without saying that I love what you did with the t-shirt and the photo captions 🙂

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