Day 109: Fella's Shirt Revisited 1
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Day 109: Fella’s Shirt Revisited

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Some of you may remember this shirt from Day 43.   I don’t think Fella is ever getting this shirt.  :/

A big big shirt!

This is going to be another new-sew refashion, so I can maintain the lie that I really am going to shorten the sleeves and give it back to him someday.  🙂

First, I grabbed a safety-pin and pinned the two side seams together in the front, hiding the pin.

Day 109: Fella's Shirt Revisited 2

This made the waist fitted, and gave the front an interesting gathered look.

I took the sleeve cuffs, and pushed them up to my upper arms, letting the rest of the sleeves fall over the cuffs to give them a more feminine look.

For a quick fix, I think it’s quite nice.

Day 109: Fella's Shirt Revisited 3
A quick fix!

You never know when you’ll need to convert a man’s shirt on the fly I suppose.  🙂


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