Day 113: Citrus Grove Dress 1
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Day 113: Citrus Grove Dress

Day 114: All that Glitters Jacket
Day 112: Fall Flowers Top

I absolutely love the happy citrus colors in this dress!

Day 113: Citrus Grove Dress 2

Summer may be gone, but there’s still at least a bit of wiggle room to squeeze in a few more fun bright-colored pieces!  🙂

Once again, I really love this dress.  The only things that are wrong with it are A. The elastic smocking in the waist is all stretched out and B.  It’s too big for me.

Time to kill two birds with one stone.  🙂

Day 113: Citrus Grove Dress 3
Not one, but two. 🙂

First, I pinned each side, taking it in a bit more at the waist that at the top or bottom of the dress.  You can get a perfect fit by putting a dress on inside-out, safety-pinning it at the bust, waist, and hips.  Then, just measure where the saftey pins are and use straight pins to get your piece prepped.  🙂

Day 113: Citrus Grove Dress 4
Do you like my huge new work table? 🙂

Next, I ran each side through my machine.

Day 113: Citrus Grove Dress 5
Almost done!

I trimmed off the excess fabric, and was all done!

Day 113: Citrus Grove Dress 6
Self-photography is not my forte!

Forgive the weird-angle pic.  I had to take this one myself with the help of a vase sitting on top of my coffee table my tripod.  We are very high-tech here at ReFashionista!

Cheers!  🙂

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