Day 117: Fortuny Top 1
Dress Refashions

Day 117: Fortuny Top

Day 118: Fortunyless Skirt
Day 116: October's Guest Star!

Today’s piece began as a huge super-long dress from the 70’s.  When I first found it, it was covered in dust.  It looked like it had been hanging in someone’s attic for a while.  After a good washing, the dust came out.  Still…it’s not quite me.  I love that Fortuny-style pleating, but the length is a bit much.  :/

Day 117: Fortuny Top 2

Luckily…this is an easy no-sew fix!  🙂

Day 117: Fortuny Top 3
One big chop!

And that’s it!  Now that huge dress is a cute top!  🙂

Day 117: Fortuny Top 4
I love that Fortuny pleating!
Day 117: Fortuny Top 5
Perfect with jeans!

I wore my new top in for an evening of making up with Gypsy.  I still feel guilty for yesterday’s refashion, but it looks like she’s forgiven me.  🙂

Day 117: Fortuny Top 6
Best. Kitty. In. The. World.



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