Day 125: Skirt or Shirt? 1
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Day 125: Skirt or Shirt?

Day 126: Plastic Letters Dress
Day 124: Cayce Pollard Sweater

Today’s piece is a sweet little Betsey Johnson number I scored at a clothing swap.

Day 125: Skirt or Shirt? 2
Hippy...not to be confused with Hippie. :/

It’s cute!  I like it!  But I don’t feel like it likes me very much.  🙁

You see, I’m what you call a pear shape (little pears are pears too, okay?).  My hips are a good 4″ larger than my bust, and this skirt really shows that off.  :/  There aren’t that many options for tops that I can wear with it either, so I’m pretty much relegated to a solid black one.  This makes my top half look even smaller! Grrrrrr….

I’ve kept this skirt forever…not quite knowing what to do with it…until today.  🙂

I decided to try it out at work as a top.  I think it has neat art deco/flapper look to it, and it keeps me looking proportional.  🙂

Day 125: Skirt or Shirt? 3
Yes...that is yesterday's cardi! 🙂

This is why I wear a lot of my skirts this way, btw.  Do any of you do this?

Cheers!  🙂

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