Day 137:  Skort! 1
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Day 137: Skort!

Day 138: Pan Handle Holder
Day 136: Scrap Busting Headband

Check out this fine pair of pantaloons!

Day 137:  Skort! 2

Does anyone else remember skorts (aka shorts that lived a lie)?

Well this one wasn’t fooling anybody.  :/  I loved the fabric, but I didn’t love the whole shorts thing, the it being too big thing, or the elastic waistband being completely stretched out thing.

First, I de-shorted this thing into a true skirt with a few snips!

Day 137:  Skort! 3

Then, I fitted it to my waist with a quick fold-n-pin with one of my favorite brooches.  🙂

Day 137:  Skort! 4
Brooching the subject!

Now I have an honest-to-goodness skirt with nothing to hide!  🙂

Day 137:  Skort! 5
No secrets here! 🙂


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