Day 148: A Star is Born 1
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Day 148: A Star is Born

Day 149: Kitty Christmas at Pets, Inc.!
Day 147: Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

I love the day after Thanksgiving!  One of my favorite things about it (it ranks right up there with gnoshing on tasty leftovers all day) is decorating the Christmas tree!  🙂

Sadly, our tree was missing a little something.  I filled it with ornaments and lights, but the top was still bare.  :/ Time to get to work!

I used the bottom scrap from Day 24 and a shoulder pad from Day 63.

Day 148: A Star is Born 2
Lookin' Scrappy!
Day 148: A Star is Born 3
A Rad Little Pad!

First I had Fella draw a star on a piece of paper (because for some reason I couldn’t draw a proper star if my life depended on it), cut it out, and traced it twice on the gold scrap.  I snipped it out.

I sewed the two sides together.  This fabric was thin and stretchy, so my star ended up looking a bit wonky.  :/

Day 148: A Star is Born 4
In Stitches!

I turned my star right side out and stuffed it.

Day 148: A Star is Born 5
Stuffing the Star!

So my star was almost ready!  All I needed was a way to attach it to the top of my tree.

I sewed two sides of the shoulder pad together and turned it inside-out.

Day 148: A Star is Born 6

So now I have a star and a thingy to attach the star to my tree.  I combined the two by hand-stitching a pretty rhinestone button through the pad and the star.

Day 148: A Star is Born 7
This goes here.

I know it looks a little cattywompus, but I find it charming.  🙂

Day 148: A Star is Born 8
Ta-Daaaaaaaaah! 🙂

Of course, since we have a curious kitty cat, a big tree could be dangerous (imagine Gypsy climbing all over it and knocking it to the ground!).  There’s nothing wrong with a teeny tree!  🙂

Day 148: A Star is Born 9
It's not pathetic. It's humble. 🙂

I hope you guys are having a wonderful holiday season.  Happy tree trimming!  🙂



  • Madison

    This Cristmas will be my cat, Lilly’s first Christmas [three months later she will be officially 1] and I am kinda nervos about it =^..^=

  • Sami

    our three cats LOVE the real tree we get every year…mostly for the “fresh tree water” that is somehow much better than their dish of water. I have a fake wreath that our big orange cats LOVES to chew on if he can get to it. I have no idea why. 🙂

  • Ali

    I think my kitty counts the days until the tree comes back each year! She is amazed and enchanted with our gorgeous tree (which re-emerges from its box once a year). Oh boy – she is going to be in hog heaven this coming weekend when up goes the tree, and that oh so soft velvet tree skirt. BTW – don’t EVER buy a velvet tree skirt if you have a kitty who likes to lie under the tree – it gets VERY hairy 🙂

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