Day 160: Kaftantastic! 1
Dress Refashions

Day 160: Kaftantastic!

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Happy Hump Day, friends!  I hope you’re all having an awesome-possum week so far!

Have I mentioned how much I looooove remaking old kaftans lately?

Day 160: Kaftantastic! 2
Gypsy is giving this piece the cold shoulder.

Temps have finally gone back to what one would expect for fall here in SC, so this warm dress with its cozy sleeves is going to come in quite handy.  This $1 kaftan was homemade, so it has a special place in my heart!

First I had to take it in a good bit, all the way through the sleeves.  Since this dress doesn’t have any buttons or zips, I had to be careful not to take it in too much, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get into it!

Day 160: Kaftantastic! 3

Then, I removed some of the length.

Day 160: Kaftantastic! 4

This dress is mind-bendingly comfy, and I got lots of compliments from my pals at Karaoke Night!  🙂

Day 160: Kaftantastic! 5
Remember that headband? 🙂

My dress isn’t all that different from this $72 number from Asos.

Day 160: Kaftantastic! 6
Compare and $ave!
Day 160: Kaftantastic! 7
I long for Tony's luscious locks! 🙂
Day 160: Kaftantastic! 8
Check out Fella's one red eye! 🙂


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