Don't worry 'bour me, folks! :)
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Day 180: A Broken Arm Bathing Buddy!

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Day 179: Jilli's Day Off Jacket

So…today I went to the hospital to get a metal plate removed from my arm.  Several months ago, I was volunteering at the museum.  Someone spilled a drink, and I managed to slip, fall, and land on my elbow, shattering it in several places.  🙁  Fortunately, I’m a fast healer, and was able to talk my awesome doctor into removing the metal plate and pins  that have been holding my arm together earlier than expected!

Don't worry 'bour me, folks! :)

The surgery went well.  The doctor in the recovery room told me I was the happiest and most pleasant patient he’d ever had (I swear it was the meds!).


Unfortunately, I have to wear a huge dressing for a few days that keeps my arm immobile.

Day 180: A Broken Arm Bathing Buddy! 1
Big ol' Bandage!

Also, I can’t get it wet.  This makes showers problematic.  :/  When I had my arm in a cast, I would grab a big garbage bag and awkwardly tape it around the offending appendage.

But today, I had a better idea!  I started off with a plain ol’ garbage bag.

Day 180: A Broken Arm Bathing Buddy! 2
Sans Trash, of course!

I sewed off enough of it to make it into a slender sleeve.

Day 180: A Broken Arm Bathing Buddy! 3
Stitch it up!

I trimmed off the extra plastic, and slipped my arm into it, securing it at the top with a rubber band.

Day 180: A Broken Arm Bathing Buddy! 4
Self-Photography is a challenge.

Now that I don’t have to wrestle with a giant bag, bathing is a breeze!


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