Day 192: A kool koozie!  :) 1
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Day 192: A kool koozie! :)

Day 193: Monday Fun Day Dress
Day 191: Scrap Bustin' Top

I can’t seem to get over Day 182!  🙂  I used up that scrap from the skirt yesterday, which left only two parts of the dress unused.

Day 192: A kool koozie!  :) 2
Thing 1 and Thing 2!

When I first started refashioning, I threw out all those old shoulder pads.  Now I know better!  You can come up with all sorts of fun uses for those old pads!  I haven’t done a shoulder pad refashion in a while, so here’s yet another way keep them out of the garbage bin.  🙂

I spent all day on a completely un-glam cleaning spree, which included a bug-infested shed (cringe!).  At the end of the day, I felt I had really accomplished something.  I was proud of my hard work.  And…I needed a beer.  😉

That’s when the idea for today’s refashion came to me!  Meet my guest star, Ms.  Yuengling!  In the pic below, I’ve pinned the two pads to her for her “fitting”.

Day 192: A kool koozie!  :) 3
Get it nice & snug!

Next, I ran each side through my machine, like so:

Day 192: A kool koozie!  :) 4

Then, I trimmed off the leftover fin-like sides.

Day 192: A kool koozie!  :) 5

Yay!  Almost done!  I can just taste that brewski already!  I turned my new creation inside-out, and now I have a stylin’ little koozie to keep my beer nice & cold!  🙂

Day 192: A kool koozie!  :) 6
The finished product!


Day 192: A kool koozie!  :) 7
View from the side!

So now I’ve used up every bit of the original dress, making this a No-Waste Refashion!  Huzzah!

Just another reason to celebrate!  🙂

I think I’ll donate the koozie with the original dress, so the new owner can go bar-hopping in style!  😉

Day 192: A kool koozie!  :) 8
Hooray Beer!

Cheers!  🙂



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