Day 193:  Monday Fun Day Dress 1
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Day 193: Monday Fun Day Dress

Day 194: Flowers for a Rainy Day Dress
Day 192: A kool koozie! 🙂

This dress gave me a big case of the Mondays.  🙁

Day 193:  Monday Fun Day Dress 2
...At least it has pockets?

At first, I thought all this dress needed was a quick hem raising (lazy, I know!).  Sadly, that was not the case!  One shoulder of this dress was riddled with all sorts of holes!

Day 193:  Monday Fun Day Dress 3
Downright Swiss Cheese-ish!

They were pretty awful, as you can see.  Rather than try to mend each of them, which I really don’t think could be done unnoticeably, I went in an entirely different direction.

Day 193:  Monday Fun Day Dress 4
Off With Your Shoulder!

 Next, I very tediously folded that top edged under twice, pinning it in place.

Day 193:  Monday Fun Day Dress 5
Trying to keep it nice & neat!

 You can guess what came next. 

Day 193:  Monday Fun Day Dress 6
Stitchin' away!

Cutting off the shoulder and hemming it wasn’t enough.  I had to actually make this thing fitted around my chest to prevent any *ahem* awkward situations.  This was a bit of a finicky process that involved me awkwardly pinning the dress to myself in a way that didn’t throw off its alignment.  It took several tries.  When I finally had it pinned the way I liked it, I threw it (almost literally) under the needle.

Day 193:  Monday Fun Day Dress 7
Lipo in progress!

Now for that frumpy length!  Feeling emboldened by my earlier shoulder-chopping frenzy,  I made quick work of the bottom of the dress.  🙂

Day 193:  Monday Fun Day Dress 8
Chopping away, like it ain't no thang!

It got a nice new hem, too!

Day 193:  Monday Fun Day Dress 9
Woo hoo! Almost done!

I have to say, this is one of my favorite transformations to date!

Day 193:  Monday Fun Day Dress 10
Bringing Fetching Back!

Sadly, this wasn’t the most weather-appropriate ensemble.  I quickly tossed on a jacket and headed off to a bad movie night with the Fella and our friends!

Day 193:  Monday Fun Day Dress 11
I've had that jacket for about 15 years!

Fella has been such a wonderfully sweet guy about this project.  It seems like I’m always either A.  Rushing out the door having finally completed the day’s refashion  or B.  Running late, because I have to finish the day’s refashion!  He’s super-supportive and I adore him for it. 

Here’s to you, Fella!  🙂

Day 193:  Monday Fun Day Dress 12
The Man behind the Woman behind the Blog! 🙂

Cute, huh?  🙂  If you really think we’re cute (heck…even if you don’t!), you could help us win a trip to Vegas!  I’ve entered us in a “cutest couple” (cringe) contest.  —–>If you click right here<—-you can vote for us (and get a good chuckle at the pic I chose).  🙂  Winning would be really swell, as the last time I tried to have fun in Las Vegas, I got food poisioning, and somehow got something in my eyes that scratched my corneas (most painful thing ever), requiring surgery.  :/  I think I deserve a do-over!  😀



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