Day 197: Complete Cop-Out Dress 1
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Day 197: Complete Cop-Out Dress

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Day 196: In the Pink Top

Alright friends…Today, I was very near the end of my refashioned rope.  Combining wedding planning, working full-time, trying to have a(n admittedly very active) social life, and keeping up with this blog is much harder than I thought it would be when I first began this project.  It’s as if I expected to magically become this super-hero type of woman who would suddenly be able to wake up super early and stay up super late while making amazeballs refashions every day and maintain a chipper attitude all the while.

Yeah.  No.  It ain’t that easy.  :/  It would be stupid and misleading for me to pretend otherwise.  In this lovely little blogosphere, I can show you whatever I want you to see.  It’s easy to make it look like I never get snippy with my fiance after a long day at work followed by having to bang out a refashion so we can meet up with friends (and not be late).   That simply isn’t the case.

Anywho.  Today was tough.  :/  But…a refashion, however lame it may be did happen.

I began with this skirt from my own closet that I never seem to wear anymore.

Day 197: Complete Cop-Out Dress 2
So pretty...yet so seldom worn!

I hiked it up and tossed on the obi belt I made last year to cinch the waist.

Day 197: Complete Cop-Out Dress 3
wah lah?

So yes…this was admittedly a cop-out.  I promise to do better tomorrow.  Really.  I do.  🙂



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