Day 207:  Kelly Dress 1
Dress Refashions

Day 207: Kelly Dress

Day 208: Sarah Dress
Day 206: A Perfectly Padded Pouch

When Fella saw today’s piece, he literally lol’d, saying it looked like a bathing suit from 1910!

Day 207:  Kelly Dress 2
He does have a point!

After doing a little research, I’m inclined to agree!

Day 207:  Kelly Dress 3
He wears it better than I do. 🙁

Not only is this thing way too big, and a jumper, and kind of dingy, there were also a couple of problems lurking on the back of it.

Day 207:  Kelly Dress 4

Somebody got a little over-excited about ripping out that tag!

So yeah…it doesn’t have a lot going for it…yet.

First, I decided to take care of the dinginess problem.  I grabbed a box of dye…

Day 207:  Kelly Dress 5
Verde Irlandes!

…and added half of it little by little as I added the fabric into an old pitcher…

Day 207:  Kelly Dress 6
Little by Little!

…until the whole thing was inside!

Day 207:  Kelly Dress 7
Whew! It just barely fits!

I boiled some water in my tea kettle, and poured it over the jumper/dye mixture and let it sit for an hour.   I really like low-maintenance dyeing techniques, and this is one of my faves!  It gives your piece a funky sort of tie dye look!

After the hour was up, I tossed the jumper into my washing machine for a quick rinse.

Day 207:  Kelly Dress 8
Rinsey Rinsey!

Yay!  That color is looking fun & funky!  🙂  Now let’s take on those goofy lookin’ legs!

Before I started taking this piece in, I snipped out the crotch, cutting right along the seam.

Day 207:  Kelly Dress 9
Going Crotchless...not as risque as you might think! 🙂

I took this piece in from the back instead of the sides…mainly because I didn’t want to lose those side pockets.  Hello.  I’m Jillian.  And I’m a pocket addict.  Also, this took care of those holes at the neckline (Two Birds…One Stone!).  I ended up taking it in about 6″.

Day 207:  Kelly Dress 10
Pin...then Sew!
Day 207:  Kelly Dress 11

I’m almost done!  🙂  I tossed my dress-to-be on my dress form inside-out and pinned down the middle.  Time to finish up making those legs into a skirt!

Day 207:  Kelly Dress 12
Almost done!
Day 207:  Kelly Dress 13
Stitch it up!

I cut off the excess material, and was ready to toss on my fun & comfy new dress!  Well…almost.  It just needed one more tweak.

Day 207:  Kelly Dress 14
Repainting those scuffed-up snaps! 🙂

Now we’re ready!  I wore my pretty new dress to work, where I was subjected to the dreariest and foggiest day imaginable!  :/

Day 207:  Kelly Dress 15
View from my office. All. Flippin. Day. :/

A lot of people ask how I unwind from the stress of keeping up with my admittedly really hectic schedule.  Here’s one way…

Day 207:  Kelly Dress 16 brutally slaughtering my Wii enemies! 🙂

Here’s another…

Day 207:  Kelly Dress 17
Mmmmmmm! Cheese!

And another…

Day 207:  Kelly Dress 18
Mmmm! Blue Moon! 🙂

But here’s the best way!

Day 207:  Kelly Dress 19
You gotta have friends! 🙂

Now for the After pics!

Day 207:  Kelly Dress 20
I'm actually freezing right now! 😉
Day 207:  Kelly Dress 21
That gent behind me is a total cute boots! 🙂


Day 207:  Kelly Dress 22


What do you think?

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