Day 224: Annie Dress 1
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Day 224: Annie Dress

Day 225: Windy Day Batwing Coverup
Day 223: Connect the Dots Dress

Check out the mondo-huge butterfly collar on this number!

Day 224: Annie Dress 2
Butterflies are free to fly...

I’m not gonna lie.  I used to love butterfly collars.  In my high school days I had a really impressive collection of funky polyester shirts.  🙂

Fortunately, those days are (far) behind me!  🙂  I immediately got to work at ripping off that massive collar!

Day 224: Annie Dress 3

Then, I snipped off some of the length from those sleeves.

I put my new dress on my dress form inside-out, and pinned each side…

Day 224: Annie Dress 4
Pin it!

…and then ran each side through my machine!

Day 224: Annie Dress 5

I cut off the extra fabric, and then got to work on closing up all those raw edges from where I removed the collar.

Day 224: Annie Dress 6
Pin it! Sew it! Be done with it!

Now my dress is looking sleek and stylish!

Day 224: Annie Dress 7
The sun'll come out....tomorrow! 🙂
Day 224: Annie Dress 8
Much better with the new neckline! 🙂


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