Day 229:  V-day in NYC!!! :) 1
Dress Refashions

Day 229: V-day in NYC!!! :)

Day 230: Send in the Clowns: A Jumpsuit to Dress Refashion
Day 228: Bellhop Dress

South Carolina doesn’t seem like a likely habitat for this wool dress, now does it?

Day 229:  V-day in NYC!!! :) 2
It just doesn't feel right!

First, I took care of that super unflattering mid-calf length skirt!

Day 229:  V-day in NYC!!! :) 3

Now, let’s address one of my biggest pet peeves.  I absolutely hate clothing that does that weird fake layering thing.  As if someone would see this dress and really think you just happened to be wearing an identically hued sweater under it.  Really.  It’s as if the designer (I use that word lightly) thinks we’re all idiots who are incapable of doing our own layering (Plus those wool sleeves were really itchy!)!

Eff that!

Day 229:  V-day in NYC!!! :) 4
Day 229:  V-day in NYC!!! :) 5
Later, nerds!

And just like that, my new dress was ready to go…at 3am.   :/

I hopped in my car and drove to Charleston to catch my very early flight…

Day 229:  V-day in NYC!!! :) 6
I really don't do mornings...

While waiting for my flight, I hammered out the day’s blog…

Day 229:  V-day in NYC!!! :) 7
Clver Writing: Just about impossible to do at 5am!

I was so happy to finally touch down in my destination:  New York City!  😀  Yay!

Day 229:  V-day in NYC!!! :) 8
Yup...I'm staying here! 🙂

But wait…what are my reasons for being in the Big Apple mid-week on a nonprofit arts administrator’s salary?  Tee hee!  I can’t tell you just yet!  😉  Rest assured, I’m not a drug mule or any such thing.  😉 I promise, it’s a fun secret that I can’t wait to share with you!

In the meantime, here are a few pics of my fun little day!  🙂

Day 229:  V-day in NYC!!! :) 9
Today is brought to you by the number 9! 🙂
Day 229:  V-day in NYC!!! :) 10
I won't lie...I almost got in the van!
Day 229:  V-day in NYC!!! :) 11
Time for some tasty grub!
Day 229:  V-day in NYC!!! :) 12
The best cheesecake I've ever had! 🙂

Oh yes…and Happy Valentines Day!  🙂  You guys will be happy to know that Fella was with me today checking out this fun city!  Whether you’re coupled or single, I hope you had a terrific day!  🙂


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