Day 242: Robe No More! 1
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Day 242: Robe No More!

Day 243: Feeling Spotty Dress
Day 241: Things Happen in a Year.

Wow.  Thank you to everyone who left such kind words yesterday.  I’m touched and overwhelmed.  Thank. You.

Today was tough…physically and emotionally.  I began the process of packing a bunch of my stuff into bins and loading it into my lil VW Cabriolet.  The physical labor part was actually comforting.  I spent the day mindlessly folding, sorting, stacking, and moving.  You really can’t fit much into a Cabriolet, by the way.  It took several trips to transport roughly 30% of my stuff…which is fine, as I don’t have a permanent abode just yet.  :/

When I got back to my temporary home, I dug through my “To Be Refashioned” Bin and came up with this robe-ish number.

Day 242: Robe No More! 2
It's actually quite a nice robe...
I’m definitely a bit down, but I haven’t reached the “hanging out in my robe all day” level of pathetic just yet.  🙂  I decided to turn this robe into a fun jacket!

Day 242: Robe No More! 3
First a chop!
Day 242: Robe No More! 4
Then a Hem!
I turned that bottom scrap into a pretty head scarf.  It’s all a bit more matchy-matchy than I usually like, but I think it works!  🙂

Day 242: Robe No More! 5
Robe No More!
I like how my new jacket is longer in the front than it is in the back!

Day 242: Robe No More! 6
Once again, thanks to all of you for bearing with me in this really awkward time.  🙂


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