Day 256:  Teal Day Dress 1
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Day 256: Teal Day Dress

Day 257: Paisley Park Dress
Day 255: Kicked Back Dress

Today was apparently Teal Day at the thrift store, as everything I scored today was my favorite color in the whole wide world!  🙂

Day 256:  Teal Day Dress 2
Speaking of wide...

I was in a hurry to get to Rifftrax Night, so today’s refashion is a no-sew!  🙂

First off, these guys had to go!

Day 256:  Teal Day Dress 3
Byeeeee! Don't forget to write!

I made several quick chops!

Day 256:  Teal Day Dress 4
Chop Suey!

I wore the back of the dress as the front so I could pin it into a V-neck.  I used the bottom scrap as a sash (big surprise, right?), and hurried out the door!  🙂

Day 256:  Teal Day Dress 5
Gotta play the field...and keep it Teal!

Check out my awesome bday gift from the always amazing Clark Ellefson!  🙂

Day 256:  Teal Day Dress 6
Fembot! 🙂


Day 257: Paisley Park Dress
Day 255: Kicked Back Dress


  • Daisy

    How do u know so much about sewing? School? Is it just something youve always done? I read one where ur mom gave u her sewing machine, ha, did it stem from her, i just have to say u have a gift, and maybe im just sensitive to it, but theres alot of passive aggressivity, ignore it, u rock

  • Suzy

    I think you do a beautiful job on every dress, but…(is there always a but?) you might like some of these dresses better if you ran a seam down the shoulders and arms of the dresses from the top. It would pull them up and make them fit you a lot better. I found that when I did that, they didn’t bunch around the waist. I also have started using french seams, where you sew the first seam on the outside of the dress, trim, press, then flip it over and run another seam down the inside which encloses and finishes the seam beautifully!! I only do that on the ones I really, really want to wear all the time, not on every one I re-do. It’s also easier for me since I don’t have a dress form and have to pin them while wearing them. I don’t have to try them on inside out.

    Keep up the great work, Jillian! You rock!

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