Day 259:  Seeing Red Dress 1
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Day 259: Seeing Red Dress

Day 260: Cutting it Off Top
Day 258: Ashes of Roses: Refashioning a Thrift Store Dress

Oy.  Keeping up with this blog is getting tough, friends.  I’m officially in the “I can’t find anything!”  stage of the packing process.  I’m tired and cranky, and this dress wasn’t helping my mood.

Day 259:  Seeing Red Dress 2

I made a big ol’ cut off the bottom…

Day 259:  Seeing Red Dress 3

Then I gave my dress a new hem!

Day 259:  Seeing Red Dress 4
Pin-terest. 😉
Day 259:  Seeing Red Dress 5
Stitchin a hem!

I sewed that bottom piece into a sash (totally shocking and unexpected, I know!).

Day 259:  Seeing Red Dress 6
Lady in Reeeeed!

Do you like my brooch?  It was my Grandmother’s.  I absolutely love it!

Day 259:  Seeing Red Dress 7
Call me Scarlet. 🙂

Let me apologize for the erratic times/days of my posting as of late.  Things are kind of weird right now, and I’m living between 3 different places.  I’m eager to be settled into my new digs already.  Part of me just wishes I could fast forward to two weeks from now where everything will be normal and I won’t have to feel awkward and uncomfortable all the time.  But I’m also glad I’m going through all of this weird stuff.  I’m happy to see that when the sh*t hits the fan, I don’t fall to pieces.  These past couple of weeks have been important, as they’ve been a test of my character, patience, and grace.  And it’s a test I’m passing…with flying colors.  🙂


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