Day 265: A Circe 1
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Day 265: A Circe

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Day 264: Nomadic Skirt

I’d never heard the word “Circe” used outside of Greek Mythology until I moved to South Carolina.  A Circe is a small gift.  It’s sort of an old southern custom to bring your hostess a Circe when you visit her home.  🙂

As most of you guys know by now, I’ve been doing more than just visiting my friendly hostess and her husband, I’ve actually been living with them as they prepare to move into their new house.  I think my hostess definitely deserves a Circe!  🙂

Luckily, I had a couple of shoulder pads hanging around from Day 261!

Day 265: A Circe 2
Remember us?

I grabbed one of the pads and drew a big W with my color-fading fabric pen.

Day 265: A Circe 3
Gimme a "W"!!!!

Then, I stitched over it twice:  Once with a straight stitch…

Day 265: A Circe 4
Just trace the letter!

…then again with a super-tiny zigzag stitch.

Next, I sewed the two pads together, leaving an opening on one side.

Day 265: A Circe 5
Stitch it up!

I turned the whole thing inside-out.  Now Whitney has a nifty new case to keep her sunglasses in this summer!  🙂

Day 265: A Circe 6
Thanks, Whitney! 🙂

I’m actually pretty happy with how my faux-embroidery job turned out!  I might even monogram my towels this way!  🙂



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