Day 266: Wurban Urestern Bolero 1
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Day 266: Wurban Urestern Bolero

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I’m not sure what look this tacky shirt is going for.

Day 266: Wurban Urestern Bolero 2
Another day. Another door! 🙂

Is it trying to be Western?  Urban?  What??!???  I realllllly hated all that stupid white stitching, so I pulled it all out.

Day 266: Wurban Urestern Bolero 3
Out ya go!

I actually liked this strange Fleur De Lis patch on one of the sleeves.  🙂

Day 266: Wurban Urestern Bolero 4
You may stay! 🙂

It is freakishly hot here in SC for this time of year, so those sleeves weren’t going to make the cut.  :/

Day 266: Wurban Urestern Bolero 5
Har har! Get it, "cut"??? I'll be here all night, folks!

Then, I took in each side about 3.5″.

Day 266: Wurban Urestern Bolero 6

After trying on my new shirt to check for fit, I realized the length wasn’t working for me.  Luckily, I had a clever idea!

Day 266: Wurban Urestern Bolero 7
Bolero, here we come!

I hemmed the bottom and sleeves of my new bolero, and headed off to Revente’s Last Call to check out their fun new-to-me spring stuff!  🙂

Day 266: Wurban Urestern Bolero 8
Shopping and wine? Yes Please! 🙂

They have some pretty fabu stuff in right now, folks.  🙂  You should check em out!

I had a little help in my shopping venture from this nice gentleman!

Day 266: Wurban Urestern Bolero 9
It's Jim Small!!!!

I hope everyone is at least considering thrifting for their spring duds this year, instead of buying all-new stuff.  Some of you could save enough money to take a fun trip somewhere!  🙂  Wouldn’t that be more enjoyable than just buying more stuff???  AND you could be supporting a good cause you believe in!



  • Emmylou666

    Last year I got so sick of the high street I decided to boycott it for all my clothes (some work clothes excepted as I need to dress quite smartly). All my clothes now come from a) charity shops or second hand shops or b) gigs (when not at work I live in band shirts). It makes me feel, strangely, more free. And I’ve bought some fabulous dresses which I fully intend to wear to work! Your blog has also inspired me to buy things which may not fit quite as well, or be the colour I want, and start refashioning with a vengeance! Thank you!!

  • Bouqui

    Thanks for the reminder about not buying new stuff. You’re also inspiring me to “thrift” through my own closet to see what I can refashion. We all have things that are too big/too ruffly/outdated, etc. These things can be refashioned instead of thrown away.

  • Debbie McDaniel

    Thanks for stopping in at RLC yesterday. As usual, your transformation of an ugly garment is fantastic. Cheers to the Refashionista!

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