Day 272:  Never a Bride Dress 1
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Day 272: Never a Bride Dress

Day 273: Plan 9 From Outer Space!!!!
Day 271: Pisces Dress

Whew!  Things are getting crazy/exciting with Plan 9 From Outer Space!  We’ve passed the point where everyone is mad at each other (this happens with every show), and the show has really come together!   🙂   I can honestly say I’m really proud of this production, and everyone’s extremely hard work!  🙂

Anywho…Despite working on costumes every day, I still have to clothe myself too!

Day 272:  Never a Bride Dress 2
A Wardrobe Malfunction just waiting to happen!

This is an old bridesmaid dress that a friend passed on to me.  It’s a pretty color, and the cut is actually really cute.  🙂  But, there are still a couple of problems.  First off, it looks like a bridesmaid dress.  Which isn’t really appropriate outside of a wedding!  Next (and this is a big one), I don’t have the boobage to hold the top of this dress up!  :/

Not to worry!  This is going to be a two birds one stone refashion!

I got to thinking.  What do bridesmaids dresses not have?  Answering this question would help me make this dress work for everyday wear.  🙂  My answer came to me right away.  Prints.  Most bridesmaid dresses are just solid colors.  But how do I add a print to this frock?  And what about the whole covering my chest thing?

I dug through my scrap drawer (which was under a pile of boxes in the garage) and got to cutting…

Day 272:  Never a Bride Dress 3
Time for a pretty print!!!

Then I got to sewing…

Day 272:  Never a Bride Dress 4
Day 272:  Never a Bride Dress 5
Do you see where I'm going here?

I added a fun brooch, and now my I’m ready to rock out with my frock out!  😉

Day 272:  Never a Bride Dress 6
HALT(er)! Who goes there???
Day 272:  Never a Bride Dress 7
Just chillin' with Madame Stage Manager! 🙂


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