Day 275:  Frankentop 1
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Day 275: Frankentop

Day 276: Indigo For It Dress
Day 274: Deco Dress

I’m sure you guys remember when I cut into this piece from Day 269.

Day 275:  Frankentop 2
But what happened to that top part?

And hopefully some of you remember when I refashioned the top part of this dress from Day 142

Day 275:  Frankentop 3
What will become of that bottom scrap?

I really loved the fabric on both of these pieces, so I decided to make like Mary Shelley and create a Frankentop!  🙂

First, I trimmed the bottom of the piece from Day 142 to match the width of the top of what would soon be my new top.  I left a bit of a seam allowance so I could sew it back up and still have it match the top.

Day 275:  Frankentop 4

Then, I pinned this fabric tube to the top of the dress from Day 269.

Day 275:  Frankentop 5
Fold it under, and pin!

Then, I stitched it all together!

Day 275:  Frankentop 6
Two becoming one! 🙂

There was no need to hem the bottom of this one, as I was using a scrap that already had a hem in place, so I was good to go!

Day 275:  Frankentop 7
Day 275:  Frankentop 8
Nick and The Ladies! 🙂



  • Erin W

    When I first saw these two together I got a little ick in my head…thought. Once it was finished and on it really works. I’m just too in my boxy head sometimes I think…

  • furpurr

    TO Elizabeth Platzer: Actually, this top was made from the leftovers of two previous refashions. Jillian often uses every part of a clothing article; rarely if ever does anything go to waste, including the shoulder pads, or even smaller scraps!! {One of the things I enjoy the most about her refashions!!}

  • Elizabeth Platzer

    I’m interested to know what you do with the leftovers.This is a large piece of fabric left over. It would be very hard for me to toss these large pieces.

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